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BCCSL Schedule and Re-Tiering Updates

October 23, 2018

The BC Coastal Soccer League is approaching its re-tiering break weekend, on October 27/28.

This coming weekend was set aside for District Cup and/or Make-up games.  The BCCSL does not know or post the District Cup schedules, so the point of contact should be with your club if your team needs to know any specific game info.

As for scheduled BCCSL games this weekend, ONLY the metro divisions have scheduled BCCSL games.  For ALL other divisions, there are no scheduled BCCSL games unless you have agreed a make-up game option with an opponent, your club/district, and the BCCSL Scheduler.

The BCCSL Scheduling Sub-Committee was made up of one representative from each District, the BCCSL staff, and the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee.  This group met a couple days ago and made required changes to various divisions.  While every effort was made to correct levels of play and including geographical considerations, with a league of 1400 teams it is of course not possible to make everyone happy so we appreciate the understanding in a sometimes difficult and complicated process.

The new schedules are now being built, districts are providing pairing info, and the new groups and schedules will be public on October 29.  We are asking Clubs/Districts to input their game info ASAP after the new schedules are up.

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